Sports Ease: technical specifications

Sports Ease is available in 32-tablet strip packet and is packed in premises inspected by a regulatory authority to ensure the premises meet the standard grade of hygiene, class one.

Sports Ease is manufactured according to the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, (HPUS).

Sports Ease is listed with the FDA for over the counter sales in the United States of America.
The National Drug Code for Sports Ease is 059672-0332-1 and barcode of 75098003323.

Each 340mg tablet contains five homeopathic remedies effective in countering the effects of injury and strain from excercise. Each pack contains enough tablets for as many as 30 doses.


Body strain and problems from exercise are complex conditions which occurs after pushing the body too hard during physical exertion. The main cause of body strain is too much exercise, which causes strains and exhaustion. Frequently active people should stop exercise, but if its in the middle of a game they can't so they carry on and this is where damage is done and many sports injuries arise. These injuries increase the time required for full recovery.


One tablet of Sports Ease should be taken after exercise. Repeat every fours hours if necessary.

Warnings and precautions

Sports Ease can be used by adult active people. If a user already suffers from a major medical problem, normal caution should be exercised during physical activity. If after physical activity the symptoms of body strain continue, professional help should be sought. Sports Ease does not counter the effects of existing medical disorders when doing exercise, or the effects of general exhaustion.


Sports Ease may be taken with any other medication. Like other homeopathic remedies, Sports Ease is most effective when taken separately from food and drinking, but has been specially formulated so that it may if necessary be taken in association with food and/or Sports, i.e. coffee.

Adverse effects

With the minute doses involved there is little possibility of adverse effects. There has never been any recorded adverse effect from homeopathic remedies above 12C. All remedies used in Sports Ease are 30C, well above the 12C level.


Should a client take more Sports Ease than recommended, no harmful side effects should be expected, owing to the minute dilutions of active ingredients employed in homeopathic preparations.

X-Rays, coffee, mint and homeopathic products

Some poorly manufactured homeopathic products are harmed by exposure to x-rays, coffee or aromatic products like mint. Sports Ease does not fit into this category. It has been robustly manufactured to ensure that it is effective when exposed to either x-rays or coffee or mint.

Active Ingredients

The five homeopathic remedies listed below are the active ingredients in Sports Ease.

Arnica, extracted from Arnica Montana (leopard's bane).

In Sports Ease, Arnica is used to alleviate injuries, strains, tension,
over-exertion, mental strain and shock, sleeplessness and restlessness when over-tired.

Proper Name: Arnica Montana (Asteraceae/Compositae)
Common Names: Leopard's bane, Wolf's Bane, Mountain tobacco and Sneezewort.
Source: Grows in the mountains of Europe and Siberia.
Parts used: Whole plant when in flower.

Bellis Perennis, extracted from the common daisy.

- Used to alleviate muscular soreness,
- venous congestion, due to mechanical causes (eg injuries),
- helps lameness and injuries to deeper tissues.

Proper Name: Bellis Perennis.
Common Names: European Daisy, Bruisewort.
Source: Grows throughout Europe and in eastern parts of the US.
Parts used: Fresh plant in flower.

Bryonia, extracted from bryony roots.

- Used to alleviate pain and muscular aches from slightest movement,
- helps reduce swelling from injuries and sprains.

Proper Name: Bryonia Alba
Common Names: White bryony, common bryony, wild hops.
Source: Grows in central and southern Europe.
Parts used: Fresh root.

Ledum Palustre, extracted from fresh plant.

- Used to alleviate wounds, skin puncures and strains,
- helps joint pain,
- reduces heat and swelling from injuries.

Proper Name: Ledum Palustre.
Common Names: Wild rosemary and marsh tea.
Source: Native to US, Canada, Scandinavia and Ireland.
Parts used: Fresh plant anf dried plant, seeds from flowering plant.

Plantago Major, extracted from fresh plant.

- Used to alleviate sharp and sticking pains,
- reduces soreness,
- helps recovery from nerve damage.

Proper Name: Plantago Major
Common Names: Plantain.
Source: Grows in Europe and North America.
Parts used: Fresh plant.

Inactive Ingredients

The three substances listed below are the inactive ingredients in Sports Ease.

Sorbitol, is a tabletting agent.

GRAS, generally recognised as safe. Used in every day items like biscuits and jams and especially diabetic jams. Tastes like sugar.

Magnesium stearate - E470b - is a separating agent.

GRAS, generally recognised as safe. Used frequently in tablets. No distinctive taste.
The source of the Magnesium Stearate is vegetable, not animal

Sterilized talc - E553b - is a lubricating agent.

GRAS, generally recognised as safe. Used frequently in tablets. No distinctive taste.

Sports Ease does not contain any of the following substances

Artificial colourings
Artificial flavourings
Dairy Products
Animal products
Any ingredient known to cause allergies
Fish or fish by-products

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